About Tanda fury

Tandafury is made by Fabien Grignoux. I'm a tango dancer / Dj / Web developer from Lyon in France.
If you like this application or if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve this app, please contact me by mail, Facebook or LinkedIn :

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i need a Spotify premium account to listen to full tracks ?

Tandafury use a Spotify player to send sound to your speaker. Due to Spotify's policies, only premium users can use this functionnality.

Where do the track data come from?

The track information come from Spotify databases.

Can I save Spotify tracks on my computer?

No, Spotify does not allow users to save music on their computer. However you can still edit your playlists on Tanda fury, and save and sync them with the official spotify app (mobile or desktop).

The Spotify mode doesn't work on my smartphone or my Apple computer. Why?

No, it doesn't work for now. Safari and mobile devices cannot use the Spotify mode due to Spotify's limitations and their DRM. They say they are working on it. I hope it will be available soon too. To check device compatibility list, follow the link: https://developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-playback-sdk/

Playing songs is not very stable on my computer, can you fix this ?

If you use an add blocker, it may block these requests and as a result Spotify will stop the playing.

Is there a connexion between TangoFury.com and TandaFury.com ?

Yes ! I'm the creator of this two websites. If you want to watch great tango videos give a try to Tangofury : TangoFury.com